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AC Maintenance

Let Us Breeze in Each Year to Service Your AC!

We’ll Keep It Running

You know that your automobile requires regular maintenance, but did you know that air conditioning maintenance is just as important? Like your vehicle, regular inspections and tune-ups keep your HVAC system performing efficiently for years to come. They also help extend the life of heating and cooling equipment.

But as a homeowner, is this something you do regularly? If not, it’s time to start. And the best place to begin is with Jerry Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning!

Don’t Neglect Your Cool Air

A neglected cooling system is a problem waiting to happen. And if Murphy’s Law has anything to do with it, it’s going to happen on the hottest summer day. Air conditioner maintenance is an important part of keeping your home safe and comfortable during the sticky, hot season.

A properly maintained cooling system lowers utility bills, improves comfort, reduces safety risks and limits unexpected breakdowns. Jerry Kelly technicians are thoroughly trained in inspecting, cleaning and servicing all types of air conditioners. Arriving promptly, we diagnose your air conditioner problem in a courteous, professional manner. Then, we offer affordable solutions that meet your indoor climate objectives.

When you partner with Jerry Kelly, you’ll benefit from:

  • Respectful, clean, professional technicians
  • Thorough inspections—so it’s fixed right the first time
  • Night & weekend availability without premium rates

Our Best Laid Plans

We believe in annual preventive maintenance so much that we’ve created maintenance plans to encourage this practice.

To request cooling maintenance, schedule a free equipment estimate or inquire about pricing, call 636.757.8506 today, or click here to print exclusive online discounts. We look forward to serving you and creating your ideal indoor climate!