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Air Conditioning Maintenance Is A Breeze With Jerry Kelly!

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Skilled Air Conditioning Maintenance In St. Peters, MO & Beyond

Minimize The Risk Of Breakdowns

You know that your automobile requires regular maintenance, but did you know that air conditioning maintenance is just as important? Like your vehicle, regular inspections and tune-ups keep your AC system performing efficiently for years to come. They also help extend the life of heating and cooling equipment.

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Can a dirty air filter cause the air conditioner not to cool?

Yes, a dirty air filter can cause your air conditioner to not cool. As your air filter gets dirtier, it can reduce the air flow to your air conditioner, making it harder for the AC to function properly, which is why it is important to change your air filter regularly. For most households, it is recommended that you have your air filter replaced at least once every three months; if you have pets or family members with breathing issues, you may need to replace it once every one to two months. To find out more about how often you should replace your air filter, call us today.

How do you troubleshoot an air conditioner?

To troubleshoot an air conditioner that isn’t working, you can: 

  • Check your air conditioner’s air filter.
  • Check your thermostat.
  • Check the circuit to your air conditioner.

If you are not able to identify the issue by checking these things, the issue may require an HVAC technician to diagnose and repair it. To get your air conditioner repaired, contact us today.

What is included in a heating and cooling maintenance service?

The following is included in a heating and cooling maintenance service

  • A cleaning of your heating and cooling unit.
  • An inspection of your unit’s parts.
  • Lubrication of your heat and AC unit’s moving parts.
  • Replacement of your air filter.

If your heating and air conditioning system is on a maintenance plan, you may also receive discounts on service calls and repairs. To learn more about getting your heating and cooling system serviced, give us a call today.

But as a homeowner in St. Charles County and beyond, is AC maintenance something you do regularly? If not, it’s time to start. And the best place to begin is with Jerry Kelly!

At Jerry Kelly, we know the heating and central air conditioning business—which is why we’ve been around for more than 40 years. When you partner with us, you’re hiring a team that has not only built its reputation on superior customer service, but also provides solid workmanship. So, it’s safe to say that as experts in the field of HVAC cooling, we know the critical factors involved with annual central air maintenance in St. Charles County, MO, and throughout our service area!

Don’t Neglect Your Cool Air

A neglected central air system is a repair problem waiting to happen. And if Murphy’s Law has anything to do with it, it’s going to happen on the hottest summer day. Are we right? To avoid sticky situations later in the season, we highly recommend air conditioning maintenance in West County, MO, or wherever you call home before the heat of the summer season starts. It’s the perfect way to keep your home in West County or nearby safe and comfortable all year—so when the heat of the summer does come knocking, you’ll be ready.

Here’s why we recommend it:

Routine AC maintenance lowers utility bills, improves comfort, reduces safety risks and limits unexpected breakdowns. Jerry Kelly technicians are thoroughly trained in inspecting, cleaning and servicing all types of central air systems. Arriving promptly, we diagnose your air conditioning problem in a courteous, professional manner. Then, we offer affordable solutions that meet your West County central air objectives.

When you partner with Jerry Kelly, you’ll benefit from:

  • Respectful, clean, professional technicians.
  • Thorough inspections—so it’s fixed right the first time.
  • Night and weekend availability without premium rates.

Our Best Laid Plans

We agree whole-heartedly with the well-known saying: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” And it doesn’t matter what the issue—health, automotive or HVAC—annual prevention is always a great practice to follow! So, when it comes to the best HVAC practices, we provide annual air conditioning maintenance plans to keep your cooling system run efficiently all season long. You can check out our options here.

And maintaining an efficiently working system is simple. Just call Jerry Kelly! To request cooling maintenance in West County, MO, or central air repair in St. Charles County, schedule a free equipment estimate or inquire about pricing for AC installation and replacement, call or text us at 636.757.8506 today, or click here to print exclusive online discounts. Whatever you need, our techs are always ready to help! We look forward to serving you and creating your ideal indoor climate!

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Fantastic Job Alex J did a fantastic job installing and explaining our new heater. All of Kelly’s technicians have been extremely professional and knowledgeable. Ali 02/2021
I would highly recommend them Mike and Heath came out on a very cold Saturday and provided professional and friendly service. Resolved the problem so we could stay warm. I would highly recommend them. Brian 02/2021
Professional Service Thank you, Korey T., for restoring our heat! We appreciate your prompt and professional service! We have had a great experience with Jerry Kelly every time we have needed service. Summer 01/2021

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