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5 Furnace Noises You Shouldn’t Ignore

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As homeowners, we’re fairly accustomed to the general sounds made by our heating system. The sounds of it kicking on, running and cutting off are essentially white noise, and comfortably fade into the background with you sure that everything is operating as normal. But what if everything isn’t operating as normal. What do you do when confronted with an odd clunk, bang, squeal or pop coming from your heating system? Luckily for you, the experts at Jerry Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning have the answers!

Do you need St. Louis furnace repair that operates quickly, effectively, and won’t eat your wallet alive? The professionals at Jerry Kelly can provide!

Top Five Furnace Sounds Not to Ignore

Odd sounds from your furnace can be pretty scary, but there’s some good news. Generally speaking, each sound carries specific meanings. This helps, because it tells our experts what needs to be done, and where, making your furnace repair quick and easy. Sounds to keep an ear out for include:

St. Louis Furnace Repair with Jerry Kelly

When it comes to interpreting, understanding and acting on the odd sounds made by a furnace in distress, our specialists are second to none! Jerry Kelly can provide all of the skill, service and products needed to ensure your system is running smooth as silk! Contact us today for our peerless repair services, or to set an appointment for one of our other professional heating services!

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Kimberly G.
01:51 22 May 22
I had my ac tuneup for the Dpring. Aaron was very professional and thorough. He did great work.
K M.
20:14 21 May 22
Erik was very helpful in explaining what was wrong with my A/C unit. Was thorough and efficient, very knowledgeable.
bryan D.
18:23 21 May 22
Mike C came out and fixed our ac in a timely and professional manner. Very happy with the service he performed.

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