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5 Health Benefits of Installing a Whole House Humidifier in Your Home

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5574613994_43cb7893a2_zHumidity is the second most important factor (next to temperature) in determining your home’s comfort levels. That’s why people feel much warmer and more comfortable in homes that use a whole house humidifier. But improving comfort levels is only one of the great benefits of whole house humidifiers; they also do a great job at protecting our health. In order to show you why, today we’re going to talk about five ways that installing a whole house humidifier can improve the health of you and your family!


5 health benefits of installing a whole house humidifier


    1. Your body won’t dry out. The biggest problem with a home that has low humidity levels is that the air is extremely dry. In the presence of low humidity, the air will dry out your body both inside and out. This causes uncomfortable problems like cracked lips, nosebleeds, itchy and irritated skin and more. Installing a whole house humidifier will keep your body moist and feeling great.


    1. Cold, flu and allergy symptoms will be less severe. Another side effect of low humidity drying out your body is that it will worsen cold, flu and allergy symptoms. When your nose and throat are dried out, it will lead to much more severe coughs, sore throats and breathing issues. A whole house humidifier will make these symptoms much more manageable and speed up your recovery.


    1. You’ll be less likely to catch illnesses. Our respiratory systems have a mucus membrane that defends our bodies from germs and viruses. This mucus membrane can dry out when the humidity is low, which greatly reduces our bodies’ abilities to fight off illnesses. In addition, many viruses and allergens survive longer in conditions of low humidity, so there will be a much better chance of illnesses lasting longer and spreading between family members if you don’t do anything to control your home’s humidity levels.


    1. You’ll sleep better. There are a number of reasons why people sleep much better in homes with whole house humidifiers. First, because humidifiers help protect against illnesses, your family will sleep better simply because they are healthier and not being woken up by sore throats, coughing and sneezing. Second, people snore less in normal humidity levels than they do in low humidity levels because their respiratory systems aren’t dried out. Finally, a humidifier will make your home generally more comfortable, which will make it easier to fall and stay asleep.


    1. Skin conditions will improve. Dried out skin is bad enough for people without skin conditions, but it’s much worse for anyone who suffers from things like eczema or dermatitis. Installing a whole house humidifier is a great way to keep those conditions under control.


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