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6 Heating and Cooling Tips for 2015 in Your St. Louis Area Home

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small_16024724356Believe it or not, 2014 has come to a close and the New Year has arrived.
With the New Year comes a fresh start and an opportunity to improve on
various aspects of the previous year, including the performance of your
heating and cooling system. We want to help ensure you have a comfortable
and efficient year, so today we’re going to provide 6 heating and
cooling tips for 2015!


6 heating and cooling tips for 2015


    1. Don’t skip out on tune-ups. There is no way around it: if you want to get the best performance and
      efficiency levels out of your heating and cooling system, you
      must schedule annual tune-ups. You should schedule a tune-up in the
      spring for your air conditioner and the
      fall for your furnace. Get this done early this year to limit the chances of breakdowns and
      to maximize the benefits that a tune-up provides for your system and your
      home. Set a reminder in your calendar so you don’t forget!


    1. Consider joining one of Jerry Kelly’s maintenance clubs. If you
      join one of Jerry Kelly’s maintenance clubs this year, your annual tune-ups will be included. We’ll even send
      you a free reminder when it’s time to set up your appointments!
      In addition, you’ll enjoy many other benefits like priority service,
      discounts on products and services and more. This is one of the best ways
      to save time and money in regards to your heating and cooling system in 2015.


    1. Set reminders to change your air filter. The most important maintenance task that you’re responsible for
      when it comes to your heating and cooling system is to
      change your air filter. Keeping a fresh filter installed in your system will help you avoid some
      of the most common
      furnace and
      air conditioner problems, and it will also keep your energy bills low. Set reminders to
      check and/or change your filter every month in 2015 or
      sign up for Jerry Kelly’s email newsletter at the bottom of our homepage to receive free monthly reminders to change your filter!


    1. Make home efficiency improvements. There are many outside factors that impact how efficiently your furnace
      and air conditioner operate. For example, if your
      home has air leaks your heating and cooling system will have to work much harder to keep
      your home comfortable. There are many improvements that you can make to
      ease the load on your system and keep it running efficiently. Some of
      the best examples include
      sealing air leaks, improving your home’s insulation levels, sealing up your ductwork
      and installing more efficient doors and windows.


    1. Be aware of rising refrigerant costs this year. As R-22 is phased out in favor of a more efficient refrigerant,
      the cost of R-22 is rising exponentially. This will continue to happen in 2015, and the cost of adding more refrigerant
      to a system that uses R-22 will be more expensive than ever. If you have
      an older system that uses R-22, this is as good of a time as ever to replace
      it with a new air conditioner that uses a
      more energy efficient and federally approved refrigerant.


    1. Consider replacing your system. This is a good time of year to think back on the performance of your heating
      and cooling system in 2014. Was your home uncomfortable? Were your energy
      bills on the rise? Did you need to make frequent repair calls? Are your
      furnace and air conditioner reaching the end of their lives? If you answered
      “yes” to one or more of these questions, 2015 might be the
      year that you should
      replace your system with a new and more efficient model. This is a great way to ensure your
      home is comfortable and efficient all year long.


If you have any questions about these heating and cooling tips for 2015,
or if you’d like a heating system serviced or installed in your
home, contact Jerry Kelly, your
St. Louis furnace installation and repair contractor. We provide service all over the St. Louis area, including towns like
Maryland Heights, O’Fallon and St. Charles, MO.


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