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How to Keep Your Outdoor AC Unit Debris-Free

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You’ll notice that we tend to spend a lot of time talking about HVAC maintenance; both the kind we offer professionally and the kind you can administer all on your own. Why do we do this? Because proper care is critical to a well-working and dependable system! Like any good tool, if you take care of your HVAC system, it’ll take care of you.

Usually we tackle issues as a whole, lightly touching on the most important points of air conditioning maintenance in St. Charles. But today the experts at Jerry Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning would like to zoom in on one particular issue. Having trouble keeping your outdoor unit debris-free? Many folks do!

When you need air conditioning maintenance in St. Charles that is dependable, fast, and always effective, count on the team at Jerry Kelly to bring you the service you need. Contact our certified specialists today to set your appointment!


So what is this so important? Well have you read our post about how air conditioners actually work? In the article, we mention that free air flow is crucial to the entire process of cooling your home. And what can kill airflow? Blockage. Namely, leaves, plant fibers, dust, grease, grime, and detritus; all of which are common outdoors.

So because of this, keeping your coils and components clear of mess can be a bit of a challenge. But overcoming the challenge is well worth it! Keeping your outdoor unit clean yields bountiful returns, reducing cooling costs, improving system lifespan, and ensuring you don’t need any sudden AC repairs. So how do we accomplish this?


You’ll see us playing this particular harp pretty often, but we really can’t stress the importance of air conditioning maintenance in St. Charles enough. If you’ll notice, we didn’t give tips that cover dust and grease/grime. Why? Because these issues need to be looked after by a professional.

Simply by operating, your system accumulates these bits over time and eventually, they can have a huge impact on the efficiency and effectiveness of your cooling system. For the best in comfort and cooling quality, seek out experts!

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Jane V.
23:24 01 Jul 22
They weren't able to service my daughter's unit but Emily was the absolute greatest in guiding us to someone who could help. Emily earns all five stars in customer service!
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01:30 01 Jul 22
Jerry Kelly was extremely efficient, conscientious, and thorough when it came to outline the issue with my air conditioning unit.
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00:53 01 Jul 22
Jerry A. Was very nice and explained everything to me and my wife. He let us know what things would cost. He wore his mask and work shoe covers when inside. He made a uneasy situation enjoyable.

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