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Keep Your AC From Working Overtime on the 4th of July

Cupcakes decorated for Independence Day

Summer is officially upon us, and it’s time to break out the grill and fireworks! Got big plans this Independance Day? The certified experts at Jerry Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning certainly do. But before you open your doors wide for this year’s bash, be sure you’re not going to strain your cooling system too hard!

At Jerry Kelly, we’re dedicated to ensuring your home is cool and comfortable all season long. Sometimes this means providing peerless ac repair, or a perfect and timely replacement. But sometimes it means bringing you some good old fashioned pointers. Let’s take a look at some ways to keep the stress off of your cooling system this Fourth.


This holiday certainly brings about a lot of memorable events. Parties, grilling, and all of the hustle and bustle you could ever want. Plus fireworks! But a busy home can put a lot of strain on your cooling system, a strain you’ll certainly feel on your wallet (potentially with an AC repair, if things get real bad). Keep your usage down and your comfort high with these tips:

  • Minimize traffic. Doors opening and closing with record speed is going to be inevitable to a degree, but this can really hurt your HVAC system. Every swing of the hinges means a lot of cool air lost, and a lot of humidity and warm air gained here in St. Charles. Your cooling system has to make up for that every single time it happens, making it work very, very hard in order to keep up. This can not only stress your system itself, but it means a pretty high bill at the end of the month. Minimize traffic by ensuring you have as many amenities supplied where they are most needed before festivities start.
  • Consider bumping up the temp. With a boatload of folks, it’s going to be a little warmer than usual in your home pretty much no matter what. Consider raising the temp in your home by a few degrees to save on energy use and take some of the load off of your cooling system.
  • Use fans. No, fans don’t actually cool down a room, but they do make people feelcooler. Place some fans around to increase airflow and cool off sweaty guests.
  • Pre-cook. If there’s a lot of indoors cooking to be done, do as much of it as you can before the party. Less oven and range time during peak traffic means less heat generated, and less work your system has to do to keep up.
  • Prepare your system with preventative maintenance. To ensure your air conditioner is in tip top shape before you start celebrating, seek professional maintenance. Routine maintenance maximizes the efficiency and effectiveness of your system, and will make everything go a whole lot smoother throughout the season.


Worried about a system that is giving you trouble right before the Fourth Festivities? Don’t sweat it! Call on the certified HVAC specialists at Jerry Kelly to get the repair and service you need.