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Letters to Fran the Furnace

5.0 Rating

Dear Fran,

I know that you have been sleeping for months now and I have allowed this slumber, but soon I’m going to need your help. I am worried, though, that you will not be the same. Have you rusted inside? Did moisture damage your innards? How can I tell that you will not release harmful gasses into my home when you wake? These are all things I lose sleep over at night, but only recently. To be brutally honest, I completely ignored you all summer.

I hope to feel your warm glow sometime soon, so please don’t freak out when the Jerry Kelly technicians arrive to look at you. It’s just a precautionary measure so you don’t blow up, crack, or die. These guys really know how to get you back on your feet and ready to face the cold winter months ahead.

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