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4 Easy Resolutions for you and your HVAC System
New year, new resolutions. The gyms are full, the grocery store is sold out of leafy salad options, and everyone falls off the fitness train…
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Strange noise coming from the furnace? Here’s why
You expect your furnace to heat your home - not make noise. So if it does make strange noises, it’s important to know whether they…
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Ways to help fight those holiday germs in your home
Around this time of year the air becomes especially stagnant as we spend more time indoors. We also become exposed to cold and flu germs…
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Jerry Kelly Gives Back
We tend to think of November as the month of Thanksgiving - the month of Black Friday and Cyber Monday - the beginning of the…
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Keeping Cool with Good Ventilation During the Holidays
The holiday season often means you’re hosting guests, visiting with family and friends, and using your kitchen more often to cook for your company. Especially…
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Say No to Creepy Critters in Your Home This Halloween
Creepy critters are all good and fun when it comes to Halloween, but not so much when they come uninvited into your home. During Fall,…
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Cover Your Air Conditioner in the Fall or Not?
There are a wide variety of air conditioner covers for sale–of various shapes and sizes and made of various materials. Clearly, there’s a market for…
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How to Choose the Right Air Filter for Your Home
You don’t often think about air filters because they don’t break down or make noise, yet they’re an integral part of your heating and cooling…
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What Happens When You Don’t Change Your Air Filter
Your heating and cooling system has an air filter which uses fibrous or porous material to capture dirt and debris from the air. It is…
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Is an HVAC Career Right for Me?
If you’re stuck deciding where to go with your career, the HVAC industry may be an excellent choice for you to look into. HVAC technicians…
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Heating and Cooling Tips When Buying a Home
Moving is a big deal. Since your HVAC system is one of the most complex and costly systems in your house, it’s especially important to…
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HVAC Problems Found During Home Inspections
A home’s HVAC system is a significant investment, and therefore it’s a carefully examined item on a home inspection. While everything needs to be replaced…
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What’s That Noise? HVAC Edition
Your HVAC system is bound to make some noise when it runs, nice quiet ambient noise. However, when you start noticing sounds that don’t seem…
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Time To Replace Your AC?
Keep Your Cool With These Tips When the mid-summer Missouri heat hits your town, the last thing you need (or want) is for your cooling…
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How Hail Can Damage Your Air Conditioner and How to Protect It
The earth receives moisture in many forms – one of them is pellets of frozen rain known as hail. Hailstones can range from the size…
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