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How is the Health of Your Home’s Air Affected During Winter?
Spring is the season that often gets the most attention when it comes to contaminants in the air. That’s because allergies tend to be the worst during…
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Replace Your HVAC System Before 12/11/16 & It Could Be FREE!
That’s right! If you purchase new HVAC equipment between 11/1/16 and 12/11/16 and it snows two inches on Christmas Day, then your purchase is free. “Let It…
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Signs You Should Replace Your HVAC System
Deciding to replace your HVAC system is a big commitment, and it’s a decision no one wants to take lightly. But at the same time, knowing when…
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The Secret to a Cleaner, Better Smelling Home
  A clean home is something everyone in St. Charles can appreciate. You breathe easier, you feel less stressed, and you even actually experience less instances of…
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Gas Furnace or Electric Furnace? How to Choose
Shopping around for a new or replacement heating system? If so, you might be finding yourself a little surprised, and maybe even overwhelmed. There are tons of…
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Benefits of Zone Control Systems
Finding the perfect heating and cooling solution for your St. Charles home really boils down to two critical factors: comfort and energy efficiency. Unsatisfied with your current…
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Why Won’t My Heat Pump Turn Off?
Countless homeowners in the St. Charles area enjoy the many perks and versatility of a heat pump. After all, they’re at the top of the industry…
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Why is My Air Conditioner So Loud?
With new technology, air conditioners are able to operate more quietly than ever—but it’s still unlikely that your unit will ever be completely silent while it’s running.…
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What Kind of Indoor Air Quality System Do I Need?
HOW DIFFERENT AIR QUALITY SYSTEMS CAN BENEFIT YOUR MISSOURI HOME When it comes to improving your home’s air quality, there are several systems that you can…
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Why Is My Heat Pump Leaking?
Your heat pump cools your home in the summer months and warms your home in the winter months, much like a traditional HVAC system. So, it’s no…
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Pros and Cons of Installing a Whole-House Dehumidifier
At Jerry, Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning it’s absolutely always our number one priority to ensure you’re getting the best services and products possible. Because of this,…
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How to Keep Your Outdoor AC Unit Debris-Free
You’ll notice that we tend to spend a lot of time talking about HVAC maintenance; both the kind we offer professionally and the kind you can administer…
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Should You Wait Until Next Year to Replace Your AC?
When it comes to air conditioning replacement, there are a lot of details that need covering. First and foremost, there’s always the “repair or replace” argument to…
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Watch Out for St. Louis HVAC Scams this Summer!
Talking about scams and dishonest business isn’t really a fun topic; and the fact that these kinds of things exist at all is pretty disheartening. But the…
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Keep Your AC From Working Overtime on the 4th of July
Summer is officially upon us, and it’s time to break out the grill and fireworks! Got big plans this Independance Day? The certified experts at Jerry Kelly…
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