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Pros and Cons of Installing a Whole-House Dehumidifier

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At Jerry, Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning it’s absolutely always our number one priority to ensure you’re getting the best services and products possible. Because of this, we strive to bring you the highest quality solutions, services and products (like our Emerald AC systems!) for everything you might need in your home. Considering a whole-home dehumidifier installation for your St. Charles home? If so, you might be interested in what our experts have to say!


As with any major service, purchase, or installation, it helps to fully understand the ins and outs or ups and downs of what you’re getting yourself into. Curious about what makes a whole-home dehumidifier such a great investment here in Missouri? To really understand, you’ll need to know exactly what a dehumidifier does.

Put simply, a dehumidifier draws excess moisture out of the air and permanently removes it. With a small or room system, the moisture collected is dumped into a removable reservoir. For a whole home system, a drainage system is used. The important point is that all of that clammy, nasty moisture is then gone.

Now you, like more than 90 percent of the United States, probably have an air conditioning system. To a minor degree, your AC actually kind of works like a dehumidifier as a secondary function (it’s kind of a byproduct of its actual job).

But, the amount of dehumidification offered by your AC is negligible, especially in climates that are prone to high humidity and moist summer seasons (been outside lately?).

So, since your AC isn’t quite up to the task of keeping your humidity under control, we have to look to other means of keeping optimal moisture levels in the home. Enter dehumidifiers! But what exactly does this do for you? What are the benefits? Well:

With all of these perks, you might be wondering about the downsides, right? Well, there’s really only one big con to consider in all honesty.

But hey, if the investment is all that’s stopping you from a dehumidifier installation, contact us today about our financing option

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