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Should You Wait Until Next Year to Replace Your AC?

Hand held over the top of an air conditioner

When it comes to air conditioning replacement, there are a lot of details that need covering. First and foremost, there’s always the “repair or replace” argument to hash out; though this is easily done with the assistance of a certified HVAC specialist. But once you know for certainthat replacement is your best bet, you’ve got another issue on your hands. When?

At Jerry Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning, we’re dedicated to ensuring our clients get the best service, and best solution to meet their needs. Because of this, we always want to be sure we’re offering up the most accurate and effective information we can. A replacement is a huge benefit, but knowing the best way to go about it is important!


There’s always the temptation to just fight it out; especially when the season is beginning to wind down. After all, the initial cost of an air conditioning replacement can be daunting, so the urge to put it off is understandable. But all in all, we would honestly rarely if ever recommend waiting. Why? Well, there are a few good reasons:

  1. Waiting might be uncomfortable. Even if the season is on the wind-down, Missouri has some seriously malleable weather. It can be a cozy seventy one day, and the rocket right back up to ninety (with high humidity to boot) in a single day. The season might be on the back half, but it is far from over. If your current system can’t meet your comfort needs, you need to replace right away!
  2. Waiting might cost you more in the long run. Many of the causes for a replacement go hand in hand with awful energy efficiency. This means even if your current system still “kinda works”, it is costing you huge amounts of unnecessary money in energy expenses each month. This means that by waiting, you’re costing yourself a lot more than you would with just going ahead with the replacement.
  3. Waiting complicates next year; before it’s even here! Forgive us the rhyme, but in all seriousness getting a replacement right away saves you a lot of potential grief in the future. You never know what’s going to happen in the future. Next year you could find out that the replacement you wanted doesn’t mesh with your home for whatever reason. Or perhaps you’ll suddenly have other complications. Best to have your brand new air conditioner replacement done and well-prepared to bring you the comfort you deserve before next season comes around.


Not all decisions can be cut and dry, of course. There are a few situations where we would possibly recommend waiting:

  • If your home lacks support for the air conditioner of your choice. If you, say, need ductwork done and need to wait a bit? It’s of course best to do so.
  • If you lack the means to get the system you want. Replacements are an investment. And we would never want a patron of ours to attempt to get a system outside of their capability. If you need to wait a bit and gather resources, you go right ahead. Just don’t fall prey to #2 on our list above! You also have the option of financing your purchase, and there are tons of tax incentives that make a new system more affordable.

You can make your system last longer with proper and consistent maintenance, so if you haven’t signed up for a maintenance plan do that right away! Still not sure if a prompt replacement is your best option? No worries; that’s part of the reason we’re here! The certified teams at Jerry Kelly will always strive to guide you toward the best solution for you and your home. To learn more about air conditioning replacement, or to get answers to any questions you might have, contact us today!