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Snow for Dessert, Anyone?

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snow for dessert
Snow Ice Cream – Yum!

When those snowflakes pop up on the St. Louis evening news it seems like everyone walks through their familiar preparatory routine. Rock salt: check. Snow shovel: check. Milk and eggs: check and check. Large mixing bowl left out on the back deck: ch… wait, what?

Okay, so the mixing bowl might be a new one for some folks but if you’ve ever heard of “snow ice cream” then you know exactly where we’re going with this! Snow ice cream is a tasty dessert you can try at home with your kids when snow traps the family inside. As the name implies, you can easily make ice cream out of snow with some milk, sugar, and vanilla extract. Here’s the full recipe for Snow Ice Cream:

Leave a large mixing bowl overnight when snowfall will be predicted. If you forget to leave out your bowl or you don’t get enough snow collected, scoop some snow off the top layer. Be sure not to get any grass, mud, rocks, leaves, or potentially chemically-altered areas of the ground. As always, don’t use that yellow snow!

Mix your milk or half & half together with the sugar and vanilla until the sugar is completely dissolved. Take about four cups of snow and put them into an empty mixing bowl. Pour your milk mixture over the snow and begin mixing. Thoroughly mix all the milk in with the snow. It may look like you need more milk but keep mixing. When it starts to look crumbly, you are almost there. After several minutes of mixing, you’ll get a smooth ice cream-like texture. Scoop into bowls, serve, and enjoy!

Voila! There you have it; simple and easy home-made ice cream. Try adding sprinkles, chocolate chips, cookie dough chunks, or other favorites to make the ice cream even better. Have another family favorite recipe to do with snow? Comment below and share the wealth!

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