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Try Our 10 Amazing Home Heating Tricks

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These Do-it-Yourself Tips Will Leave You Thankful for a Cozy Home

Typically, November days are bursting with excitement. And we all know why: the anticipation of the wondrous holiday season. But as most homeowners know, these days can be filled with something else: temperature changes that leave us chilled to the bone.

Which leads us to our question: How’s your cozy haven these days? Are you flustered with your indoor heating comfort? Are you feeling less than thankful for your current heating system? Say no more. Since 1977, Jerry Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning has helped residents warm their homes—sometimes with our expert heat pump repair in St. Charles County, MO—and other times with our home do-it-yourself tricks. With Thanksgiving on the horizon, we wanted to express gratitude for our customers by sharing these budget-friendly ideas.

10 Simple Ways to Improve Home Heating Efficiency This Winter

OK, here we go. Grab that pen and paper and jot down these money-saving tips, pronto! We promise you’ll be putting extra money in your pocket in no time.

  1. Lock all windows properly so no air seeps out.
  2. Insulate doors, windows and even the attic. (Blown-insulation is a great tactic for insulating your attic.)
  3. Weatherize your home. Use foam sealant and silicone caulking on cracks throughout the entire home.
  4. Insulate your hot water heater and basement water pipes.
  5. Purchase insulated blinds or curtains to help trap heat inside.
  6. Stop heating an empty house! (Invest in a programmable thermostat, which will allow you to adjust temperatures based on your family’s comings and goings. You’ll also be able to change temperatures with your mobile app when you’re not at home.)
  7. Increase your home’s humidity level. Hint: We install humidifiers and can provide your home with proper humidity control.
  8. Be sure your heating vents are not blocked by furniture.
  9. Put heat shrink film over windows and glass patio doors that you won’t be using in wintertime.
  10. Call Jerry Kelly for regular furnace maintenance.

Give Thanks for Heating Maintenance This Season

While all of our tips are bound to help you save money and make your heating more efficient, No. 10 on our list is probably the most critical—annual furnace maintenance. Routine maintenance helps improve efficiency, reduce your energy bills and increase the lifespan of your furnace. It also allows us to fix minor problems before they mushroom into major (more costly) problems. If you don’t already have a regular maintenance plan through Jerry Kelly, now is the perfect time to sign up for one. Become a member of our Maintenance Club and enjoy great benefits such as priority service, discounts, seasonal savings, easy scheduling and so much more!

Schedule Your Appointment Today!

As always, our heating pros are just a phone call away for all of your HVAC needs. From heat pump installations in St. Charles County, MO, to AC replacements in St. Louis and beyond, the Jerry Kelly team is here to improve your indoor comfort—24/7. Call our team of technicians today at 636.757.8506!

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