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Types of Whole House Humidifiers

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Dryness, static and chills are all issues that plague homeowners throughout
the year; particularly in the winter months. And all of these nuisances
share a common factor: They all relate to a lack of moisture in the air!
At Jerry Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning, we make it our mission
to provide our consumers with the best solutions, products and services
available in the industry, and today we bring you: the whole house humidifier.

A whole house humidifier solves a myriad of issues, from dry skin, allergy
issues and poor sleep; to reducing static and improving the effectiveness
of your heating system. But there are many types of whole house humidifiers
on the market. How do you choose the option that suits you best?

Types of Whole House Humidifiers

There are three “primary” types, each differing slightly in
advantages, methods of operation and applications within your home. These
types include:

Whole House Humidifier Services in MO with Jerry Kelly

So which type suits your home the best? Honestly, any one option odds
so much benefit to your home and health that the final choice really comes
down to personal preference. Do you want a system that is fast, powerful
and offers superior control? Go for steam! Or are your humidifying needs
a little less severe, and a simple system will do wonders for you? Go Bypass!

No matter what humidifier suits your home best, the experts at Jerry Kelly stand ready to assist! We provide the very best quality and service in the industry, and our professionals boast some of the best training available! Contact Jerry Kelly today to learn more about our whole house humidifiers, and to find more information on which suits your home best!

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