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What is a Draft Inducer in a Furnace?

Modern day furnaces have a number of features that make them more efficient,
safe and powerful than older systems. Many of these features have become
standard components of every new furnace, and they now play an integral
part in the heating process. One such feature is a draft inducer. Today
we’re going to talk about what a furnace draft inducer is, how it
works and how it improves the performance of your heating system!




A draft inducer is a fan that’s located in the compartment that houses
your furnace’s burners. This is not to be confused with your furnace’s
air handler, which is the fan that delivers warm air to your home via
the ductwork. The draft inducer is designed specifically to ensure that
combustion gases are properly vented out of your furnace and that heat
is distributed evenly throughout the walls of your heat exchanger.


How does a draft inducer work?


When your furnace begins a heating cycle, the draft inducer is one of the
first components to start up. The draft inducer fan will spin for 30-60
seconds before the burners are actually ignited. This serves two purposes.
First, it pushes out any combustion gases that were still inside of the
combustion chamber after the previous heating cycle. Those gases are directed
into your furnace’s flue pipe and out of your home. Second, it ensures
that combustion gases are distributed evenly inside of your heat exchanger,
which maximizes the heat exchanger’s effectiveness.


How does a draft inducer improve the performance of your furnace?


    • Makes your furnace safer. Combustion gases are dangerous. Not only are
      they flammable, but they can also cause some serious health problems if
      you breathe them in. A draft inducer helps ensure that all of the combustion
      gases that your furnace produces are vented safely out of your home. Your
      furnace also has a safety device known as a pressure switch that detects
      whether or not the draft inducer is working properly. If the pressure
      switch senses that the draft inducer fan is not operating powerfully enough,
      or not operating at all, it will lock up your furnace to prevent safety issues.


    • Makes your furnace more efficient. Your furnace produces warm air by blowing
      cool supply air over the heat exchanger’s walls. The more evenly
      that heat is distributed throughout the walls of the heat exchanger, the
      more efficiently your home’s air will be heated. The draft inducer
      provides a steady and constant flow of air throughout the heat exchanger’s
      combustion chamber, which improves the
      overall efficiency of your furnace.


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