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What Is a Gas Shutoff in a Furnace and Why Does it Matter?

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For the most part, you can leave knowing the inner-workings of your gas furnace to the professionals. Aside from general furnace maintenance, you can trust your repair, replacement and installation to Jerry Kelly Heating and Air Conditioning! However, there are a few actions everyhomeowner should be familiar with. Namely those that can be used on a general daily basis, and especially those that can save you trouble and a risk of danger in the case of an emergency!

Do you need furnace maintenance for your gas furnace in St. Charles and West County? Contact Jerry Kelly today! We can provide all of the skill, experience and products to ensure your system has a long, healthy life!

What is a gas shut off valve?

Honestly, it’s all in the name. The shut off valve does exactly what it says; shuts off the gas supply to your home. This is the quickest, and most importantly the safest, method of cutting off gas to your home in the case of an emergency. A shutoff valve cuts the gas supply to your home nearly instantly, so it’s very important that you know here it is, and how to operate it!

Where is my gas shutoff valve?

A gas shut off is most commonly located outside of the home, either on the sides, or on the back of a home. Occasionally, they can be found on the roadside near your home, or even sometimes inside your home. In this case, the basement is the most common location. Be prepared to make use of the shut off by:

When do I need to use my shut off?

Essentially any time you feel concerned or threatened! But as a general rule, shut off your gas supply if:

Furnace maintenance in Missouri with Jerry Kelly

The only thing more important to the experts at Jerry Kelly than superior service is the safety of our patrons! Keep your home safe with regular furnace maintenance, and furnace repair when necessary! Contact us today with any questions you may have, or to set an appointment for your St. Charles home!

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