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What to do in a St. Louis Ice Storm

Generators, flashlights, Duraflame® logs, and portable heaters… Yep,
there’s an ice storm a-brewin’ something fierce and if you aren’t
hunkered down with rations, you may find yourself in the cold darkness.
Here’s the Jerry Kelly guide to making like REO and riding the storm out:

  • Prepare Flash Lights, Candles, and the Fireplace If you have a fireplace, it is a great time to use one when the lights
    go out and your home starts to get cold. Be sure the flue is open and
    you know what you’re doing. Also keep a box of flash lights, candles,
    and matches/lighters ready to go. If you use the candles, be very cautious
    so you don’t start any fires.

  • Be Careful with Space Heaters If a space heater is left unattended it has potential to start a house
    fire. Anything could happen, from an electrical failure to combustible
    objects in close proximity catching fire. Also be sure an adult is present
    if children and/or pets are around. Never leave these things unattended.

  • Generator Checklist If the power goes out and you have a portable generator, make sure to
    keep it outside—if used inside, it could emit carbon monoxide and
    kill you within minutes. Place it about 15-20 feet away from the house
    and be cautious of wind direction so you don’t have toxic fumes blowing
    towards the house. Don’t overflow the tank with fuel—it can
    overflow to the hot engine and ignite, essentially blowing up the system.
    Use a 3-prong extension cord with at least 12-gauge wiring or larger.
    Tip: if you’ve had a furnace installed by Jerry Kelly since 2007, you
    will (most likely) have a generator cord designed specifically for situations
    when you need to maintain a functioning furnace in extreme conditions. Use it!

  • Move Your Car! If your vehicle is located on a busy street or main road, be sure to move
    it. It could easily be hit by someone else losing control or it could
    be damaged from excessive snow piled up from plows.

  • St. Louis Power Outage Hotline Phone Number is 1-800-552-7583

  • Be a Good Neighbor You may want to check on your neighbors to see if they are in need of
    flashlights, batteries, candles, or extra firewood.

  • Stay Safe and Be Extra Cautious With ice covering everything, it can become very heavy and pull down power
    lines and tree branches. Not to mention it’s very slick! Put salt
    rock down on walkways and check on elderly friends and family members.

Probably the best rule of them all: if you don’t need to leave the
house—DON’T! Hope you all stay warm for the storm!