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When Comparing Air Conditioner Costs, Look Beyond the Initial Investment

small_219581864When homeowners in the St. Louis area need a new central air conditioner, many of them will get quotes from multiple contractors to find where they can get the best “bang for their buck.” But when comparing quotes, many people make the mistake of only looking at the cost of the initial investment. Today we’re going to talk about why the value of an air conditioner should be evaluated over the lifetime of the unit and various factors that affect the long-term cost of an air conditioner.

When evaluating the cost of a new air conditioner, look beyond the initial investment

An investment in a new air conditioner isn’t a one-time expense. You also have to consider the monthly energy bills that are required to power the system as well as maintenance and repair bills throughout the air conditioner’s lifetime. Although the cost of a new air conditioner from Jerry Kelly is often higher than other contractors, the higher price comes with premium service that will end up saving you thousands of dollars when added up over the lifetime of the system.

Factors that affect air conditioner cost over the lifetime of the unit

  • Proper installation. In the HVAC industry, a low-cost installation often means a low-quality installation. If your system is not properly sized and installed, it can cost as much as 21% more money to operate than a system that is installed the right way by Jerry Kelly. The money that you might save initially from a lower-cost installation will likely be lost in future repairs and a shortened operating life for your system.
  • Annual maintenance. Another expense that you should consider in a new air conditioner is the cost of annual maintenance. Your air conditioner should get a tune-up once per year in order to avoid operational problems and keep energy costs low. By choosing Jerry Kelly when installing a new air conditioner, not only will you get your first year’s tune-up for free, but you’ll also maximize the future savings that result from getting a tune-up from one of our expert technicians.
  • Repairs needed throughout unit’s lifetime. As we mentioned above, improper installations lead to frequent and expensive repairs that can really add up over time. By working with Jerry Kelly, your system will require less repairs and, best of all, our 12 year parts and labor warranty will cover the costs of the repairs that you do end up needing!
  • How long the unit lasts. A system installed and maintained by a low-quality contractor can last as little as 8 years. Jerry Kelly, on the other hand, offers a 12 year guarantee on the lifetime of your air conditioner, which means you won’t have to worry about investing in a new system for at least that long.

If you have any questions about the factors that can affect the cost of an air conditioner, or if you’d like a cooling system serviced or installed in your home, contact Jerry Kelly, your St. Charles air conditioning company. We service the St. Louis area, including towns like Dardenne Prairie, Des Peres and Frontenac.

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