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Why Is My Furnace Leaking Water?

You may find yourself considering a few things when thinking about your
furnace and its performance issues. Why isn’t it warm enough? Why
is it failing to start? Common enough concerns. But what if your furnace starts
leaking water? You may expect this from an air conditioner, sure. But furnaces are warm,
and dehumidify your home. So what’s with the waterworks? Well, good question.


The experts at Jerry Kelly Heating and Air Conditioning have encountered
this odd little concern innumerable times, and we’re here today
to let you in on the how and why of a leaky furnace!




It certainly seems like an odd issue, but in fact this is a quite common
reason for furnace repair. Many factors could be affecting your furnace
in a way that makes it leak.


Efficient Furnaces


A “High-efficiency” furnace may experience a leak more commonly
than any other type. The reason for this lies in how this furnace type
operates. Unlike a standard furnace, a high-efficiency one boasts two
heat exchangers in order to extract more heat from your fuel source. During
the interaction of the exchangers, the gasses have time to cool, thus
creating condensation. Normally this condensation flows naturally into
a drain system, but if water is pooling around your furnace there is a
problem that will need furnace repair!


Other Common Causes


Whether you have a high-efficiency furnace, or standard furnace types,
these factors may all cause water to leak or pool around your heating system:


    • Incorrect flue size. If your furnace makes use of a flue pipe, a wrongly-sized
      or poorly installed one can cause moisture to accumulate.


    • Humidifiers. Many modern homes make use of whole-home humidifiers to maintain
      adequate moisture levels in the home. These systems are commonly tied
      directly into the furnace system (either through the ductwork, or linked
      to the machine itself) and, if something goes wrong, can cause pooling water.


    • Clogged condensate drain. The drain dedicated to removing moisture accumulated
      by your furnace can certainly become clogged by debris. And if it does,
      you’re definitely going to need furnace repair.




No matter the make, model or type of furnace you use in your home, keeping
it well-maintained will save you loads of stress (and money!). As far
as your role goes, be sure to check and clean/replace your filter as often
as is relevant (Check at least monthly, replace or clean if dirty, or
every three months).


In addition to taking care of the filter, it’s a good idea to seek
annual maintenance checks. A tune-up provides your furnace with everything
it needs to ensure strong, healthy operation. And, nearly every common
leaking problem would be discovered, remedied or avoided altogether!




Our certified professionals have years of experience handling furnaces
of every type, with any issue you can think of. We’ve seen it all,
and can provide fast, effective repairs in no time at all! If you feel
your furnace needs the hand of a specialists,
contact Jerry Kelly today!