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Why Won’t My Heat Pump Turn Off?

A heat pump unit Countless homeowners in the St. Charles area enjoy the many perks and versatility of a heat pump. After all, they’re at the top of the industry in efficiency, and it’s hard to beat an all-in-one heating and cooling option!

That said, heat pumps do come with some unique problems of their own, one of which is the possibility that you may at some point have trouble getting your heat pump to stop heating and cooling.

At Jerry Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning, we’re all about solutions. Having trouble with a heat pump that refuses to turn off when its job is done? Don’t sweat it! Our certified experts weigh in with the probable causes and best solutions to this odd but fixable issue.


The good news is that this issue actually has very few common causes. This means it’s easy to diagnose and repair, especially with the help of our experts! Your heat pump might be marathoning due to these reasons:

  • We’re having a cold winter. It seems like an odd answer, but some homeowners just aren’t used to how a heat pump operates. Heat pumps work much more gradually, and maintain comfort by keeping a steady flow of warm air circulating within the home. This is different than a furnace, as furnaces use raw power to forcibly heat the home. This distinction is important because when it’s particularly chilly out, a heat pump might run virtually all day to keep up with the ambient temperatures outside, making you feel like there might be a problem when there really isn’t.
  • Thermostat troubles. There are two types of “troubles” we can talk about here. One is simple user error. Check your settings to be absolutely sure they’re correct before you make a potentially costly repair call! If everything looks right but your pump isn’t shutting off when it should be, the thermostat might be faulty, or the wiring connecting it to the heat pump controls may be damaged.
  • Damaged contactor. The compressor contactor in your pump governs when and how much power reaches your pump. If you’re not getting enough heat pump maintenance, there’s a solid chance that through an incident or just general wear, the compressor contactor could become compromised. Without proper function, this can make your pump run endlessly.


First off, even if we’re having a chilly winter, if you’re worried about your heat pump operating for extended periods of time, go ahead and call the experts at Jerry Kelly! We’re more than happy to help, and our experts have all of the skill and experience needed to bring you the answers you need.

As a possible solution (or maybe just a temporary one), you can attempt to knock some sense into your pump by flipping the breaker to the exterior unit. Give it a good ten seconds and then kick it back on. If that fixed things, awesome! But if not, the only real answer is to call in an expert. Assuming one of the causes were what we detailed above, you’ll need someone with professional knowledge and expert tools to get the fix your system needs.


If you’re having heat pump troubles in Missouri, contact the experts at Jerry Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning! Our experts have been providing top-quality heat pump repair for decades, and we’re glad to provide the service you need. Reach us online today to learn more about possible heat pump problems, or to set an appointment for your repair!