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Air Conditioning

Here’s Why Your AC Is the Greatest Invention Ever

Plus, Learn the Facts About the R-22 Refrigerant Ban On those sticky dog days of summer when sweat drips down your back, nothing beats the feeling of walking into a chilled room with good old powerful air conditioning. Are we right? It’s moments like these when we thank Willis Carrier for his most ingenious, brilliant,…

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Why Are Some Rooms in My House Hotter Than Others?

We Have the Answer—And 4 Solutions It’s summertime and you’re watching your favorite TV show in your perfectly chilled family room. You make a quick trip to your bedroom and, as soon as you walk in, you think: ”Whoa! Why is it so hot in here?” Well, you aren’t alone. We get this question quite…

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8 Safety Tips for Your Air Conditioner!

Check Out Our Bonus Tips, Too! OK, homeowners: Listen up! June doesn’t just signal the official start of summer. It also helps draw our attention to safety. Every year since 1996, the National Safety Council has attempted to increase safety awareness during June’s National Safety Month. Its goal is to decrease the number of preventable…

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Prepare Your AC to Take the Checkered Flag This Racing Season!

5 Tips for a Winning Air Conditioner Performance This Spring For many racing fans, May is an exciting month, culminating with the wildly anticipated Indianapolis 500 on May 26. And it got us thinking: What does it take to make those Indy Cars run smoothly each racing season? Plenty! In fact, we’re pretty sure it…

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Time To Replace Your AC?

Keep Your Cool With These Tips When the mid-summer Missouri heat hits your town, the last thing you need (or want) is for your cooling system to tank. Yet, as we all know, things typically break down at the most inconvenient times. If you’re caught in a heat wave this summer and find yourself needing…

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Get Your A/C Tuned Up for Summer!

Summer is just around the corner, which means now is a great time to schedule a tune-up for your air conditioner! Call our St. Charles air conditioning services today!

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Why is My Air Conditioner So Loud?

Is your air conditioner making loud noises? Learn more about what those noises mean and how you can fix them from Jerry Kelly HVAC in St. Charles, Missouri.

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