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Duct Cleaning & Sanitizing

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Jerry Kelly Will Simply Make Your Air Work For You

If you’ve ever cleaned out a vent or air filter in your St. Charles or West county home, you can imagine what gunk must be crowding the inside of your household duct system. Now imagine that when you use your furnace or HVAC, your duct system — essentially the lungs of your home — is filtering air through all that dust and other irritants. It’s causing the air you breathe to be contaminated with nasty pollutants!

Some of these unpleasant particles are:

  • Dust (In a 6 foot room there can be up to 40 lbs of dust!)
  • Allergens
  • Fungus
  • Bacteria
  • Toxins
  • Harmful Irritants

All of these indoor pollutants can trigger or worsen lung conditions like lung infection, asthma or COPD. What’s more, these pollutants can cause irritation and illness in individuals who don’t have previous breathing problems. It’s extremely important to note that children are the most likely to suffer from the effects of polluted air.

We will not only deliver cleaner air to your home and family through our duct cleaning, we can provide sanitizing solutions that greatly reduce airborne toxins and illness.

Duct Cleaning Services

Our duct cleaning services will give you a cleaner living environment with cleaner air for you and your family to breathe. In addition to better air, you get better airflow which means higher efficiency for your heating and cooling system as well as lower utility bills.

Duct Sanitizing Service

Cleaning your ducts will reduce the particulates in your indoor air, but it won’t kill the viruses that can live inside our duct work. Our Virusicde is approved by the Environmental Protection Agency and foodsafe!. Applied to every metal part of your duct system, it keeps your family safe from flu type viruses that can be fatal.

Call Jerry Kelly (636) 757-8506 or book an appointment today to learn more about cleaning the air your family breathes.

The Most Important Part of Our Company is Our Customers
Jane V.
23:24 01 Jul 22
They weren't able to service my daughter's unit but Emily was the absolute greatest in guiding us to someone who could help. Emily earns all five stars in customer service!
Adam R.
01:30 01 Jul 22
Jerry Kelly was extremely efficient, conscientious, and thorough when it came to outline the issue with my air conditioning unit.
Michael S.
00:53 01 Jul 22
Jerry A. Was very nice and explained everything to me and my wife. He let us know what things would cost. He wore his mask and work shoe covers when inside. He made a uneasy situation enjoyable.

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