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Gain Dual Comfort With Our Heat Pump or Hybrid System!

Enjoy Pure Warmth and a Happier Home

You’ve probably heard the phrase “the best of both worlds.” In context, this sounds like a great idea, but in reality it rarely ever happens.

Unless you’re talking about heating system options, of course. Then you’re in luck!

That’s right. In today’s modern world, there are two great, understated heating options that can give homeowners the “best of both worlds.” Both the heat pump and the hybrid system are excellent choices when it comes to providing the dual indoor comfort that so many homeowners desire. Below is an explanation of each one and how it can benefit your home:

Heat Pumps
A heat pump is a high-efficiency solution to total home comfort, providing both cooling and heating without the need for separate equipment. It works as a single-system, two-part process: (1) transferring heat outdoors to cool your home during summer, and (2) using electricity to warm the outdoor air and bring it inside during winter. Because heat pumps move heat instead of generating it, they are an affordable way to optimize comfort in your home in St. Charles, MO, and throughout the area.

Heat pumps work well in the St. Charles County and West County climate and Jerry Kelly’s Emerald heat pumps are Department of Energy-rated for qualified efficiency you can count on. Each heat pump includes the following standard features:

  • Energy-efficient compressor for reduced utility bills without compromising comfort
  • Louvered sound control top for quieter performance
  • Dependable, high-efficiency condenser coil
  • Louvered steel cabinet for ultimate protection from the elements
  • Weather-resistant finish that keeps equipment safe & in good condition
  • One to 10-year parts & labor warranties
  • Fail-safe switch
  • Installed generator plug
  • Low-level carbon monoxide monitor

Hybrid Systems
Hybrid or “dual-fuel” systems are also an energy-efficient alternative to conventional heating and cooling systems. Just like a hybrid vehicle, a hybrid HVAC system automatically selects the most fuel-efficient method to deliver home comfort. Alternating between an electric heat pump and a fuel-powered furnace, hybrid systems keep your home comfortable in moderate or freezing temperatures.

While both options require more of an upfront investment than a conventional system, Jerry Kelly customers who choose these options typically enjoy reduced energy use and lower utility bills (30 to 50 percent!) throughout the year, which means lots of savings in the long run. They also appreciate the peace of mind that comes with a reduced carbon footprint.

Get Super Pumped All Year

Your heat pump runs all year, keeping you cozy in the winter and cool in summer. But just like your vehicle, wear and tear can take its toll. So routine maintenance is critical. Neglected systems lose efficiency from season to season and will wear out sooner. Jerry Kelly’s NATE-certified technicians are expertly trained to service, repair and maintain heat pump systems in St. Charles, MO, and beyond. Inspecting, cleaning and tuning up your heating unit at regular intervals, we extend the life of your equipment for pennies a day. It’s an investment you can’t afford not to make. And don’t forget, we also have your back when it comes to furnace replacement and installation, too!

And we are not only experts in heat pump installation and heat pump repair in West County, MO, or wherever you call home, we also take care of maintenance. We handle hybrid system maintenance in West County, MO, and beyond—as well as furnace repair and furnace maintenance. Having your system checked out is easy and convenient with Jerry Kelly’s eight-days-a-week 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. service hours. And when your system crashes in the middle of the night, don’t panic. We also provide competitively priced emergency service that won’t drain your wallet. Trust our NATE-certified technicians to maintain your year-round comfort by calling 636.757.8506 now!

Our expertise includes, but is not limited to: heat pump system newly installed in home in west county mo

  • Hybrid system repairs
  • Heat pump repairs
  • Hybrid system installations
  • Heat pump installations
  • Hybrid system retrofits
  • Hybrid system maintenance
  • Heat pump maintenance
  • Hybrid system emergency repairs
  • Heat pump emergency repairs

Service Pros

Jerry Kelly’s 100 percent NATE-certified technicians are experts in heat pump installation and heat pump repairs in West County, MO, and St. Charles County, MO, and state-of-the-art heat pump and hybrid systems, too. Trust our experienced techs to maintain your year-round comfort by calling 636.757.8506 or scheduling hybrid HVAC system service online. If we receive your form during non-business hours, a team member will be in touch the following morning. We look forward to partnering with you and creating your ideal home climate!