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Air Filters

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Air & Furnace Filters - St. Peters & Surrounding Areas

Quite possibly, your heating and cooling system’s air filter is one of the most important things to be vigilant about in your home. It can mean the difference between clean air in your home or air filled with allergens and pollens such as:

  • Pet Hair & Dander
  • Dust
  • Pollen
  • Tobacco Smoke
  • Food Odors
  • Bacteria
Jerry Kelly Indoor Air Quality Changing Filter

A dirty air filter can keep your system from working efficiently while allowing harmful particles that cause a variety of health issues into your home. Let Jerry Kelly dissolve that risk by providing you with a new filter. Visit our Jerry Kelly Filter Store for immediate assistance!

Air Filter Selection Criteria

Some things you should ALWAYS look for when selecting filters for your home are:

  • Material: Polyester and electronic filters are good midway-good choices.
  • The MERV Rating: On a scale of 1-16, how well is your filter designed to trap contaminants? The higher the number the more contaminants they stop.
  • Thickness: The thicker the filter the more particles it will keep out of your home.

Types of Filters

  • Fiberglass filters are the most common type and can be found at most local stores.
  • Polyester filters are a higher grade model from the fiberglass filters; they capture more of the dust that gets into your home.
  • HEPA filters are at the higher end of filters; they stop the majority of particles from getting through including smaller particles that other filters may miss.

Regardless of which filter you choose, it is very important that they get changed routinely. Not only does it improve the air quality in your home, but it prolongs the life of your unit as well.

Let our experts at Jerry Kelly take care of your air filter replacement for you. Call us at 636.757.8506 or visit our filter store.

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