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Jerry Kelly is here for you during this crisis


COVID-19 Announcement To Customers

Jerry Kelly is here for you during this crisis. We are committed to the safety and comfort of our customers and our staff. To prevent the spread of this virus, the government is limiting business to essential services only. Plumbing and AC is considered Essential Services. We will be providing the following Essential Services as…

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Don’t Drop the Ball on Comfort This Spring

Follow Our 7 Spring Training Tips for Slam Dunk Living March means many things—longer days, hints of spring, lucky shamrocks and NCAA college basketball playoffs. For hard-core college fans, rivalry week and tournament time can be stressful. You want your team to win so badly that you often find yourself overheated and sweaty. But then…

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Furnace Trouble? Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

5 Signs You Need to Ditch Your Heating System For many couples, Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love and happiness. For others, it can be a time of turmoil, tears and “Dear John” letters. Whatever side of the love coin you fall on, we know one thing for sure: Relationships can be hard. The…

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Hands-On Resolutions for Every Season in 2020!

Our Reminders Will Keep Your Home Cozy and Cool All Year Welcome to 2020—the year for seeing things much more clearly! As the new year unfolds, it’s time to make some resolutions. If you’re a homeowner, we have cool and cozy tips on where to start. As a way to usher in every new season…

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six cozy tips for a warm safe holiday season

Six Cozy Tips for a Warm & Safe Holiday Season

Make Your List Now—And Check It Twice Oh, the holidays! The time of year for friendly gatherings, twinkling lights, mugs of cheer and—let’s face it—lots of extra chaos inside your cozy home. For many homeowners, the anticipation for this festive time is often heightened. Deep down we know hosting relatives and friends is a joyous…

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Try Our 10 Amazing Home Heating Tricks

These Do-it-Yourself Tips Will Leave You Thankful for a Cozy Home Typically, November days are bursting with excitement. And we all know why: the anticipation of the wondrous holiday season. But as most homeowners know, these days can be filled with something else: temperature changes that leave us chilled to the bone. Which leads us…

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7 Helpful Tricks for a Safe and Warm Halloween Season

Plus, Get Endless Treats With Annual Heating Maintenance October is here! The season of pumpkins, apples, flannels and falling leaves has quietly slipped into our lives—whether we’re ready for it or not. This cool change in seasons can only mean one thing: Halloween is on the horizon! And as moms and dads scramble to schedule…

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Here’s Why Your AC Is the Greatest Invention Ever

Plus, Learn the Facts About the R-22 Refrigerant Ban On those sticky dog days of summer when sweat drips down your back, nothing beats the feeling of walking into a chilled room with good old powerful air conditioning. Are we right? It’s moments like these when we thank Willis Carrier for his most ingenious, brilliant,…

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Why Are Some Rooms in My House Hotter Than Others?

We Have the Answer—And 4 Solutions It’s summertime and you’re watching your favorite TV show in your perfectly chilled family room. You make a quick trip to your bedroom and, as soon as you walk in, you think: ”Whoa! Why is it so hot in here?” Well, you aren’t alone. We get this question quite…

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