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Why Are Some Rooms in My House Hotter Than Others?

We Have the Answer—And 4 Solutions It’s summertime and you’re watching your favorite TV show in your perfectly chilled family room. You make a quick trip to your bedroom and, as soon as you walk in, you think: ”Whoa! Why is it so hot in here?” Well, you aren’t alone. We get this question quite…

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St. Louis Summer Festivals Are Hot This Summer!

But at Jerry Kelly—We Keep Your Home Cool Summer is finally in full swing in the St. Louis, MO, area with lots of exciting events and festivals happening all season long. From tasty foods to free live music, there is always something fun to do when you live near the Gateway to the West. Of…

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8 Safety Tips for Your Air Conditioner!

Check Out Our Bonus Tips, Too! OK, homeowners: Listen up! June doesn’t just signal the official start of summer. It also helps draw our attention to safety. Every year since 1996, the National Safety Council has attempted to increase safety awareness during June’s National Safety Month. Its goal is to decrease the number of preventable…

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Prepare Your AC to Take the Checkered Flag This Racing Season!

5 Tips for a Winning Air Conditioner Performance This Spring For many racing fans, May is an exciting month, culminating with the wildly anticipated Indianapolis 500 on May 26. And it got us thinking: What does it take to make those Indy Cars run smoothly each racing season? Plenty! In fact, we’re pretty sure it…

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Spring HVAC Tips for Pet Owners!

Our 5 Tips Will Improve Your Indoor Comfort Pet owners know one thing for sure: Our pets aren’t “just animals.” They are part of our families—100 percent. They are loved, adored and treated with the utmost care. And April is the perfect month to celebrate our pets because it’s jam packed with days dedicated to…

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Air Conditioning Tips

Want to Treat Your Air Conditioning Like a Winner This Spring?

Beat the March Madness With Our 6 Cool Tips! Game on, homeowners! March is here, which means it’s time for shamrocks, flower buds and—what else?—NCAA college basketball tournaments! Wherever your team loyalties lie, Jerry Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning knows one thing for sure: If your team is competing in the Final Four, it’s because they’ve…

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Home Air Freshener DIYs

Resolve to make your home smell amazing this year with these easy DIYs. The winter temperatures will prevent you from throwing open your doors and windows regularly and letting the fresh outdoor scents in. Consider trying these options to make your home into the scented oasis you deserve. Craft an Orange Clove Pomander If you…

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4 Easy Resolutions for you and your HVAC System

New year, new resolutions. The gyms are full, the grocery store is sold out of leafy salad options, and everyone falls off the fitness train by mid-January. Resolutions are hard, they take dedication and commitment. But what if there were simple resolutions that also improve your quality of life? Here are some easy resolutions that…

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Strange noise coming from the furnace? Here’s why

You expect your furnace to heat your home – not make noise. So if it does make strange noises, it’s important to know whether they are ‘normal’ or ‘not normal’.   HUMMING – The nice quiet hum of motors running and fans blowing and air whooshing through vents all fall under ‘normal’ and we expect…

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