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Frontenac, MO

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Frontenac HVAC

Expert Service With A Friendly Face

Our HVAC service here at Jerry Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning has always been designed to do two things: provide relief for our customers suffering from unwanted heat, cold, or poor air quality, and create lasting, enjoyable relationships with the customers we help.

Our 40 years of experience and constant studying make us experts in the HVAC field, but our customer service awards say more about our ability to truly be of help to the friends and neighbors we care about most in Frontenac and elsewhere in St. Louis County.

How long should it take for AC to cool my Frontenac house?

If the AC was off and you just turned it on, it would take about three hours to chill a four-bedroom home by 10 degrees Fahrenheit. If the air conditioner was already on and you’ve adjusted it to a colder temperature, cooling your Frontenac home will likely take less than an hour. Although the cooling power of your air conditioner is dependent on its size, age and wattage, your home should feel noticeably cooler pretty quickly.

How long should my HVAC last?

In general, most HVAC systems will last 15 to 25 years, however this estimate can be extremely varied depending on the kind of system and other contributing factors. Even with routine maintenance and repairs, even the most advanced boilers, furnaces, heat pumps and air conditioners will ultimately need repairs and eventual replacement.

There are a number of factors that might shorten the life of HVAC equipment, including:

  • Inadequate maintenance.
  • Defective components or poor initial quality.
  • Improper installation techniques, such as oversizing or undersizing the system.
  • Unreasonably high use or loads.
How can I make my HVAC system more efficient?

The quickest and easiest way is to keep up with air filter replacement. Dust and particles accumulate on air filters. The caked dirt will restrict airflow if you don't change them on a regular basis. As a result, your air conditioner will work harder (and your energy cost will rise) without really cooling your home. The frequency with which you should change your air filters is determined by the number of people who reside in your house, if you have pets, whether you have allergies and the type of air filters you have. Once a month, have a look at them. Replace them if they appear to be filthy.

Industry Certifications

Amongst our recognitions from higher authorities in the HVAC industry are certifications that speak to our ability to handle these tasks that return your home to comfort safely and efficiently. Some of these include:

  • EPA Certification
  • Carbon Monoxide Certification
  • OSHA Training & Certification
  • North American Technician Excellence Certification

Customer Service Awards

While our industry certifications are wonderful and necessary for our operation, we are perhaps more proud of our recognitions for customer service, because we believe this is what our industry has lacked for far too long. These recognitions include:

  • #1 Heating & Air Conditioning Contractor in St. Charles County awarded 18 times by the St. Charles County Suburban Journal.
  • Service Nation 2013 North American Comfort Contractor of the Year.
  • Angie’s List Super Service Awards (2007, 2009, 2012, 2013)

Your Friendly Frontenac HVAC Specialists

The repair, maintenance, or installation of your heater, air conditioning unit, or indoor air quality devices is a mere phone call away to 636.757.8506. On the other side will be one of our helpful, Customer Service Representatives ready to help you return comfort back to your home!

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Excellent service. Mike F was helpful and polite. Very nice man.

Review of Jerry Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning

No complaints at all. Not fun having to call for service on your home. Mike F came in our house and got the job done as best as we could of asked for.

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Great service

Review of Jerry Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning

The Most Important Part of Our Company is Our Customers
Jane V.
23:24 01 Jul 22
They weren't able to service my daughter's unit but Emily was the absolute greatest in guiding us to someone who could help. Emily earns all five stars in customer service!
Adam R.
01:30 01 Jul 22
Jerry Kelly was extremely efficient, conscientious, and thorough when it came to outline the issue with my air conditioning unit.
Michael S.
00:53 01 Jul 22
Jerry A. Was very nice and explained everything to me and my wife. He let us know what things would cost. He wore his mask and work shoe covers when inside. He made a uneasy situation enjoyable.

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