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Town and Country

Town and County HVAC Services

Delivering Quality Work and Friendly HVAC Service

Jerry Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning is committed on providing all of our friends and neighbors in St. Louis County with the home comfort they deserve, but it’s not all we do. When you call us for Town and Country HVAC services, you’re calling a team that guarantees not just quality work but also quality customer service. We’re not happy unless our customers are.

Need a Repair or Installation? Let Our Experts Help!

We provide comprehensive HVAC services in Town and Country. We’ve been servicing heaters and air conditioners since the late 1970s, and no matter what kind you have, our NATE-Certified technicians have the knowledge and the tools to get it back up and running.

When it comes time that your older system has simply passed the point of no return, we’ll help with selecting a new heating, cooling, or indoor air quality system that will provide the comfort at the energy efficiency you’re looking for.

Want HVAC Technicians You Can Trust? We’re Your Team!

Calling us at Jerry Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning in Town and Country means never having to deal with the negative or sloppy tactics you’ve received from other HVAC servicers in your area.

We are more organized and back our work with numerous Jerry Kelly Guarantees designed to enforce our effective work on your systems, your fair and honest pricing, and our ability to completely minimize the intrusion we make on your home once we’re there to service your HVAC system.

Call Jerry Kelly Today!

From 8am to 8pm, 8 days a week, we’re there to answer your phone call to 636.757.8506! And if your system refuses to comply with regular business hours (not many of them do), we’ll also be there to service your HVAC system 24/7 with our emergency heating & AC repair service! You have nothing to lose and only comfort to gain! Call Jerry Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning in Town and Country today!