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Weldon Spring HVAC Service

HVAC Services in Weldon Spring

Need an Installation or Repair? We’re There!

Jerry Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning has been a one-stop shop for quality HVAC services since our beginning in the late 1970s. A lot has changed since then, and our ability to adapt to the new systems has kept us the premiere HVAC service in Weldon Spring.

If your air conditioner, heater, or indoor air quality device has suddenly stopped working or simply just isn’t producing the desired effect the way it used to, our team is there in Weldon Spring to help you. Our NATE-Certified technicians are trained to locate and quickly fix the problem, but if your HVAC system has finally kicked the bucket, we can help you with the selection and installation of a new device.

All of our products are installed with a Buy-Back guarantee, as a part of our Jerry Kelly Guarantee package offered to all of our customers. If the HVAC product we installed has been properly maintained and still does not provide the comfort you expect from it, we’ll but it back, plain and simple.

Call Our Team of Heating & Air Conditioning Experts Today!

Our expert HVAC technicians are available in Weldon Spring every day of the week, from 8am to 8pm! If you find yourself without heat in the middle of the night and need to have it fixed, we’re also available for emergency heating and cooling services! Call 636.757.8506 today to have the specialists from Jerry Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning working on your Weldon Spring HVAC system as soon as possible!

“Our Jerry Kelly HVAC technician provided excellent service and was extremely knowledgeable. I would highly recommend them to anyone. He made me very comfortable about the entire process. I really appreciated the extra time he spent explaining everything. I love Jerry Kelly!”
Liz – Weldon Spring