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Furnace Maintenance

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Furnace Maintenance - St. Peters & Surrounding Areas

The best way to ensure the longevity and energy efficiency of your heating system is to have yearly furnace maintenance performed in the fall. The most common cause of furnace failure is dirt buildup, which can be easily resolved with annual furnace maintenance.

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As dirt infiltrates your heating equipment and builds up on components such as the motor, air handler or heat exchanger, it reduces your furnace’s efficiency, causing it to work harder and use more energy to create the same amount of warmth. Jerry Kelly’s furnace maintenance service starts with a thorough cleaning of your heating equipment.

We will also inspect every element of your heating system to ensure that it’s working properly and to catch any small issues before they become large, costly repairs.

Benefits of Regular Furnace Maintenance

  1. By keeping up with your yearly fall furnace maintenance, you make sure that your heating system is running at peak efficiency. This will save you money not just on your energy bills, but in preventable repairs.
  2. Our quick and convenient autumn furnace maintenance can prevent up to 50% of major repairs over the lifetime of your heating system. That’s a savings you can take to the bank!
  3. And with furnaces, there are even more special considerations. Chances are, someone in the United States will lose their life by accident this winter from carbon monoxide fumes associated with their furnace—and this can also be prevented with regular maintenance.

Be safe and comfortable all through the cold days with furnace maintenance from Jerry Kelly.

A Relationship With Us Makes Your Maintenance Easy

We offer a maintenance program for your complete peace of mind. By signing up, you are working with St. Peter’s area’s trusted HVAC contractor of 40 years.

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