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Jerry Kelly is here for you during this crisis

Humidifier Installations Provide Relief

And Help Say Bye-Bye To Dry Air

How does your indoor air treat your family? Do you have the perfect balance of moisture in your West County or St. Charles County, MO, home or do you suffer from inadequate humidity levels? If so, it’s not something you should ignore—especially when it comes to your family’s well-being. Let us explain.

In order to be as comfy as possible inside your cozy abode, your home’s humidity levels need to be at a certain level. Experts refer to this level or perfect balance as “relative humidity”(RH). According to recent research, a relative indoor humidity between 40 and 60 percent is ideal for maintaining ideal health and true comfort. Who wouldn’t want this type of ultimate relief? If you’ve been concerned about the relative humidity in your home, we can help! At Jerry Kelly, we’ve been improving the comfort of homeowners for years with the installation of whole-house humidifiers.

Gain True Indoor Comfort Today

There’s definitely some truth in the old song, “How Dry I Am,”—especially as it relates to indoor comfort. Indoor dryness can impact your health, home furnishings, flooring, temperature control and more. Let us not forget that humidity management in St. Charles County and West County, MO, is especially problematic during heating season. To solve indoor dryness and improve home climate, Jerry Kelly’s experts provide professional installation of whole-house humidifiers that work with your HVAC system. (They are installed directly into your home’s central air or furnace system.) At Jerry Kelly, our team is trained and qualified to service all humidifier brands, and we provide industry-leading repairs and maintenance for existing humidifiers, too. Basically, we can do it all!

Our comprehensive humidity management services include:

  • Whole-house humidifier installation
  • Whole-house humidifier repairs
  • Emergency humidifier repairs
  • Annual humidifier maintenance plans
  • Indoor air quality evaluations

The Benefits Are Many!

Now that we’ve educated you on the benefits of relative humidity, are you curious how your home might profit from whole-house humidifier installation in the West County, and St. Charles County, MO, areas? As you heat your home, indoor humidity levels fall below optimal range. This can result in skin and sinus dryness, static shocks, increased respiratory symptoms and more frequent colds and coughs. In addition, proper humidity is necessary for your heating system to perform at its best. Plus, a humidifier can reduce energy use and simply make your home feel more comfortable.

Benefits of a whole-house humidifier installation include:

  • home in west county mo with whole house humidifier installed Decreased susceptibility to infection
  • Reduced occurrence of viruses
  • Fewer allergies & symptoms
  • Protection for wood floor, furniture & instruments
  • Lower energy costs
  • Improved whole-house energy efficiency
  • Fewer airborne invaders
  • Happier family members
  • …And so much more!

Happy to Service, Too

When the time comes to fine-tune your St. Charles County or West County home’s whole-house humidifier, we can do that, too. For the convenience of our customers, Jerry Kelly is open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. eight days a week. To schedule whole-house humidifier installation, request a humidifier estimate or speak with our knowledgeable technicians about your home’s humidity levels, call 636.757.8506 today—or text us at 636.266.0216!