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Indoor Air Quality

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Your home is at risk for having air quality problems because air tends to get cycled over and over indoors. This is a good thing for enjoying a steady temperature, but unfortunately, without the proper products to combat it, it is bad for indoor air quality. There are two main concerns: humidity levels and contaminant buildup. Jerry Kelly can help you address both of those so that your house is pleasant and healthy to occupy.

We Offer Trusted Options to Improve IAQ

The best method for securing cleaner, fresher air is a Breathe Easy Indoor Air Package from Jerry Kelly! We carry an excellent line of solutions that will alleviate poor indoor air quality and provide your family with better breathing 24/7.

Here’s what we offer:

Emerald Halo Air Purifier/Cleaner - An Emerald Halo air purifier freshens your indoor air by eliminating surface and airborne particles. This air purifier will refresh your entire home. It’s guaranteed to eliminate bacteria and viruses—added protection for your family’s health.

Emerald Coil UV Lights - The Emerald Coil UV Light is the perfect way to eliminate mildew, bacteria and lingering odors. Using UV technology to mimic the natural anti-microbial properties of the sun, the cleaner light keeps “bad guy” particles at bay.

Emerald Clear Sky DM - The Emerald Clear Sky DM breaks down harmful molecules and gets rid of their toxins—so they can’t reproduce. If you want to destroy biological growth, bacteria and viruses, protect your health, and save on energy efficiency, this is the perfect choice!

Other Indoor Air Quality Products

Humidifiers - If you’re experiencing uncomfortably dry air, a humidifier is an easy solution. The relief is very readily noticeable, especially in winter months.

Air & Furnace Filters - Have you changed your air filter in the last three months? If not your air quality might be affected.

St. Peters Chooses Jerry Kelly For Fresher, Cleaner Indoor Air

We Will Customize Your Indoor Air Package!

Not sure what type of indoor air solutions you need? No problem. Our highly trained experts will visit your home and determine exactly where your air quality needs help. We can even customize solutions directly for your space. So, don’t sweat it if you’re not certain of what’s best for your family. We will evaluate your unique situation and recommend the best option! To request an indoor air analysis or to schedule a free IAQ system estimate for your home, call our friendly technicians at 636.757.8506 today.

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